Crossrail Route to charge house prices

The Crossrail route has been finalised 38 stations starting in Reading through, west of London, through the capital to Shenfield in Essex.

Crossrail route where houses are set to increase by a maximum of 54% in 5 years.

The increases are set to grow over the coming years and the best paces to look at will be within a half mile radius of the stations. The prediction is that the top performing areas will enjoy a 19% increase just from the Crossrail implementation whilst the others up to 8%.

Dont be fooled though the Crossrail is not set to deliver faster journey times, so travelling into central form the likes of Illford will not be any quicker but the Crossrail itself will raise the profile of the areas and make it easier plus the benefits of relieving the already taxed London Transport Network. The Crossrail I believe will also trigger regeneration of the station locale.

The new stations are bring built in :

New Crossrail stations will be built at Paddington, Bond Street, Tottenham Court Road, Farringdon, Liverpool Street, Whitechapel, Canary Wharf, Custom House, Woolwich and Abbey Wood.

Overview of Adobe Colour CC
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Colour Palettes

Hello colourful people!

We are going to have a quick post today on COLOUR.

I was putting together some colour schemes and I wanted a pl;ace to go for inspiration and to actually build some palettes. Now you could apply this either to your graphic design or interior design as the rules and ideas are transferable.

The website that I would recommend would be:

This will allow you to set base colours apply different rules ie:

The other amazing thing with this is that you can build a palette from an image. This is super cool! Check out the images below.choose an image button copy

Once you have signed in you can save/ share and edit your themes and most importantly you can explore other colour palettes for inspiration (which can also be edited)


san fran image colour grab

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So you can print to PDF but how do you merge?

This is a very quick post and more of a reminder for myself! We hopefully all know that you can open a PDF and then print particular pages to separate it out. Now the question is:

How do I merge separate PDF files?

The answer is quick and very simple go to this site will allow you to merge these files to create a single PDF! Nice


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Testing times ahead for buyers?

“more stringent searches for borrowers”

Apparently as of next month there will be more stringent searches through mortgage applications. As said in the Evening Standard applicants may have to explain all outgoings and find their statements being gone through with a fine tooth comb… May be time to get going with that project sooner rather than later!

Project 1

Transformation hall time

it’s time for a change!

We want to update the hall and brighten up the front room, and with my love of Duck Egg type shades we decided for pastel shades based around this colour value.

We are using #Dulux colours and going to try and decide between the shades we like.

We also want to change from the norm of gloss white wood work, I think we are going to use a eggshell finish of off white maybe a Pacific Breeze. This will add interest to the design details that frame the walls ie skirting and frames and will stop that the initially beautiful brilliant white gloss word work transforming into the yellowish finish that happens over time.




finished pics to follow!



So what can you claim back now that you are a landlord?


You can deduct from your profits on your tax return costs that are DIRECTLY linked with running the business, DIRECTLY.

Public transport can be claimed, cars can be claimed, well the petrol per mile. 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles and then 25p after that.

Subsistence expenses:

Lunch can be claimed as long as you are working away from your trading address, breakfast and dinner can only be claimed within reason (and by the way people this is the magic phrase “within reason” as soon as you start taking the mick they will clamp down on you).

Business trips can be claimed on accommodation etc but only if you stay over night and have had to travel for over 2 hours to get to this temporary location.

Training can be claimed back as long as as the costs are directly (there it is again) related to the performance of the business, not personal development training.

Rent can be claimed (your rent not what you charge!). If your office at home accounts for 25% of the flat or house then you can claim 25% of the rent back. You cannot claim your council tax!

Internet within reason can be claimed, if used for both personal and business a reasonable amount can be claimed ie 20%.

Stationary and postage / equipment can be claimed as long as it doesn’t have any private benefit ie must be solely for the business.

Of course this is a very quick run down and with a pro active accountant they will help you identify more.



above is a link for an article on how capital gains tax will change next year April2015